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Following their own path…


“What is the number for this life when we meet and unite our paths again? I have never counted them, and Si, I suppose, hasn’t counted too. And even is it any sense to count them?”

 There is another halt. Si dropped his bag and settled on a big boulder that caught his eye. I followed his example and threw down my heavy satchel which, by the way, had inside only the most necessary things for an unpretentious overnight stay and a minimum food supply being replenished in every town and village that we passed through.

 ‘To the next village we need to get over two passes,’ Si pointed at the high hills on the tops of which the fog was thickening. ‘Keeping up our pace, we’ll reach the village by the evening. If so, we won’t have to stay overnight in the woods.’

 I wasn’t eager to spend the night in the forest, especially, when there was a possibility to sleep in a warm place and under a roof. It was worth to strain forces for another one long passing.

 Having taken a gulp of water, already warm, from the flask which I had filled in a brook on our way, I looked around:

 “It is so silent… Are there any people, besides us, within the bounds of this forest tract stretching out for tens of miles? If I concentrate, I can hear what is happening far away from here.”

 Somewhere below, a partridge put up by a hunting fox flew up from bushes; far from the left, a family of badgers came out of their burrow; and even farther a deer came across picking up newly sprouted grass. And the presence of people wasn’t found…  Indeed, we were too far from the village.

 And it was a strange feeling for me to think that at this very moment, while I was sitting here, in the deep forest, every person who was now on the Earth was passing through their own point of reality. How different could be the realities of people… How different could be the life of everyone…

 ‘Si, tell me,’ I spoke to the mentor, ‘does the notion “fate” really take place in our life? Or a person can choose their fate themselves? How can the choice and fate be compatible when the first supposes one’s own decision and the second – a predetermination that is beyond the control of a person?’

 ‘In the source of every fate lies a choice. And it doesn’t matter when a person made this choice – in this current life or in previous ones. Every choice is followed by its consequences that are actually named as a “fate” by people. When people are faced with the results of their own actions – external or internal, they just don’t realize where these results came from, that’s why they believe that the development of events in their lives doesn’t depend on them.’

 While Si was speaking, the expression of his face didn’t change – it always kept its concentration and emotional evenness.

 ‘This means that if one replaces all their wrong choices with the right ones, one will be able to change their own fate,’ I said.

 ‘It sounds logical.’

 ‘But, apparently, it seems not to be that easy. The reality of some people, to be more precise, of most people, is thus much sorrowful and gloomy that it feels like the whole world is that, and this perception has become normal.’

 ‘Because people with their minds influence directly upon the material world. It can be said that they create this material world by their minds. There is nothing to be surprised at what we see around us. If the mind is filled with different kinds of negative, there will be only negative around.’

  ‘Is it possible to do something with this?’

 ‘Possible. But nobody wants to take responsibility for that. People prefer to blame others and put external factors as a cause of things happening. Nevertheless, people themselves remain to be that very cause, no matter how many times they assert the contrary.’

 ‘But maybe, if someone has audacity and shows others how they should act, something will change?’

 ‘It’s no need to look far for examples. All previous and present attempts, even being successful at some point, led to unfortunate consequences for those who had the courage to undertake them.’

 ‘I understand who you’re talking about. But will everything really continue to move in a closed circle?’

 ‘It will. Till a person breaks it themselves, but one can do it only by oneself. Even with a large number of examples, one may need dozens of lives to overcome all inner barriers that were built by them from the very first incarnation.’

 ‘But what I can do?’

 ‘You?’ Si laughed and looked at me, screwing up his eyes. ‘You can only find the way out from your own circle. You can’t help others getting out of it otherwise. A blind person can’t lead another blind out of the forest. They will endlessly ramble in the forest blaming each other for not being able to leave it.’

 Si got off the boulder he had been sitting on, threw the bag over his shoulder and headed towards the next hill. I stood up and followed him.

 ‘Let’s go, Tau. We have a long way ahead.’


 “I wonder how much time our path will take… Maybe, this life again won’t be enough…”